Fishing regulations

Terms of sports fishing

(the pond in Veľká Paka)

1. Introduction

Owner of the deployed fishes is Milan Žilinský who cares about their replacement and guarantees their health. Person responsible for fish farming is Jozef Fábri. Veterinary supervision is provided by MVDr. Gábor Zsilinszky. Visitors are obliged to follow the fishing regulations and guidelines of the responsible person !!!

2. Operating hours

Start of season 01. April - end of season 31. October Operating days in the season are Fridays, Saturdays , Sundays and public holidays. Visiting in off days is also possible after consultation with the operator. This concerns mainly organised groups. Price for such entry will be determined by agreement .

3. Fishing time

April,  May 7,oo – 19,oo
June -  September 7,oo – 20,oo
October 7,oo – 19,oo

4. Fishing permit

You are required to purchase a day ticket from the on-duty staff before you start fishing. Ticket is valid for one day max. for two rods and is not transferable. Price of the ticket includes the fishing permit only. The price of the caught fish is not included. If you want to take the fish with you, you need to pay for it at the end of your fishing. Prices for fish are based on the guesthouse’s valid price list. Visitors are also required to pay for fish injured by careless handling, that cannot be returned to the pond. The visitor is obliged to show his ticket if he is asked to do so by the responsible staff. By paying for a day ticket and entering the site visitor agrees with the terms and conditions of the fishing establishment. Each fisherman can bring maximum 1 person with him.

5. Prices for tickets and fishes

Tickets for adults All tickets are non-transferable !!!!

Daily ticket (two rods) 5 €
Daily ticket (two rods) – included fish carp up to 2 kg 10 €
Weekend ticket (3 days) (two rods) 10 €
Month ticket (two rods) 35 €
Season ticket  (April – October)  (two rods) 140 €
Adult ticket – three hours before closing 3 €
Children ticket – under 12 years (two rods) 3 €
Carp , Tench 3,50 €/kg
Trout 5,0 €/kg
Whitefish 2,0  €/kg
Pike 8,0  €/kg
Catfish 10,0 €/kg

All prices are VAT 20 % included.

6. Terms for fishing

Only fishing from shore with rod and reel or a whip is allowed. Other methods of fishing are strictly prohibited.
Mandatory equipment for catching are landing net, dosgorger, disinfectant spray and pad to put the fish on. Without this equipment you will not be allowed to start fishing. Type of bait is not restricted .
Baiting is allowed, but the amount of bait is limited to 5 kg per visitor per day. It is forbidden to use baiting lures decreasing the quality of the water, this includes waste from dairies and slaughterhouses.
We ask all visitors to treat the fish according to fishing ethics!
Caught fish that are undersized must be returned immediately back into the water . If it is not possible to release the hook without injuring the fish the fish must be returned into the pond with the hook as well.
All visitors are required to use landing net, when pulling the fish out of the water!
Fish weighing over 4 kg are not for sale and must be returned back into the water as soon as possible. Taking pictures of the fishes is allowed only on moistened pads, never on the ground.
Caught fishes which you intend to take with you must be placed in nets with circles in a sufficient depth. Fishes put in nets are required to be taken and paid for and cannot be exchanged during the fishing.
Distance between fishermen must be at least 6 m.

7. Other operating conditions for fishing

Entry of children younger than 12 years is possible only when accompanied by an adult. Motor vehicles must be parked at reserved parking places outside the complex – this also includes the motorbikes. To drive a car or a motorbike around the water area is prohibited.
We reserve the right to check personal belongings of departing visitors, if we suspect them of stealing fish. If such a situation arises, the police is called by the operator.
If the operator finds unpaid fishes when checking your personal belongings, you are obliged to pay price 10 times higher than the usual price of the fish.
In case of violation of the fishing terms by the visitor the operator reserves the right to immediately cancel his fishing permit and may prohibit the visitor from entering the area in the future.

Veľká Paka  1.3.2011

Milan Žilinský ……………………………. owner